Here we want to show you a bit of the content we can make.

Real Estate

Need to film your property, sell or rent it?, showcase with the help of professional videos?. RGB HIVE is here for you.


We capture all types of professional or private events. You will be able to keep a quality video, broadcast, use, share or review the best moments.


Architecture and design are among our areas of interest. We do everything we can to bring out the aesthetic qualities and the strength of each place, old or modern.

360° VIDEO

Thanks to 360 ° video, we capture real world scenes. You will have the opportunity to see it from all angles!

(On iPhone, please view this video from YouTube directly to enjoy the 360 degree effect.)

Client: GWAS 2017


Let’s experience sport differently. We will be at the heart of the action and we will capture the important moments to highlight your project. But that’s not all! We will tailor your tutorial video for your social media channel. We also offer you to film your actions in order to be able to constantly improve your objectives and evolve quickly.

Client: GWAS 2016


Client: GWAS 2018


YES, we also do audio! We can record your live album, your concert. We can find the right location, rent a space or use the communal theater, whatever the setting, we take care of it … You play, we – REC, we mix and we love!

Client: Dardagny Big Band (GE)

Theater and performing arts

We can film your production, your live show or your interviews. Let us know your needs and we can help you with any multimedia setup to capture the moment you need.

Client: Combination Dance 2018


Let’s get creative and produce your music video! We love music as much as film.

Group: Imperial Tiger Orchestra

For this music video, we helped as a 2cam operator for a few days.